Happy New Year Mandala

Welcome to my world of design, writing, mandalas, and furniture - an unusual combination, but it seems to work nicely.

I believe in beauty, simplicity and function.

I believe in clarity, play and practicality.

This is why I create the things I create. 

Mandalas offer clarity and focus.

Illustrated letters bring joy.

Refined furniture offers new life.

My creative world consists of many elements, but there is a consistent theme - exploration and experimentation. I am not afraid to try anything in the studio. Each day I try to bring more of this attitude into my whole life.

May your desire to create open doors you didn't know existed.


art events

No workshops or events scheduled right now, but stay tuned for updates ... things are ALWAYS changing!


Custom Refining of Your Treasured Heirloom

Hollys Bar Stool AfterDo you have a family heirloom you love, but it simply doesn't fit your decor in its current state? You can't let it go, but don't want to use it either.

Why not Refine it? I will take your piece and make it work with your existing decor, give it a new life with a lovely history. Click here to see an example.

Contact me for more information.



Refined Furniture


About Design

Red Mandala Table AfterWhen you stop to think that everything, I mean EVERYTHING in the world is designed, the world of design starts to take on a whole new importance. 

Design is about asking "why", at every stage. This is to make sure the purpose or function is the primary focus, not just the "pretty" parts. 

Good design is practical, elegant, and often, seems very, very simple. 

Bad design does not serve the purpose for which it was "designed." It lacks elegance. It is often clumsy. It is a waste of time and energy.

Mediocre design often makes no impression at all - so for the most part, I consider it quite useless. This would be something that works, but not well. Or it is so short-lived that it feels like a waste of human potential. 

Quite simply, good design is important because it makes our lives and our world more beautiful, simplier or easier. Often it does all three at the same time.

One thing that I am increasingly noticing is that we don't question design enough. We let the status quo direct things. I think we need to look at things that we have been overlooking for some time and ask if it is a truly useful, practical, elegant and appropriate solution to the need at hand. 

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