My world revolves around design,
from the practical to the pleasurable. 

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Viewing, drawing or colouring
mandalas offers clarity and focus. 

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Refined furniture - new life for
rejected and forlorn pieces. 

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Sarah-neckpoint aug25 2013

Welcome to my world of design, writing, mandalas, and furniture - a bit of a whacky combination - but in some ways in makes perfect sense.

In May of 2010, after 30+ years as a graphic designer, I realized I needed to use more of my skills and talents, as well as create a world with more experimentation. So, I took the big step of a three month sabbatical to reassess my work/life - and I can honestly say, I have never really come back from that break. 

In big and small ways I never anticipated, I have shifted my design world and formed it into a more perfect mix of places I love to spend my time. Yes, I still love graphic design but I apply it in different ways now, and I have added so many other amazing areas of design work to my world - each day is filled with anticipation and excitement.

I believe in beauty, simplicity and function.

I believe in clarity, play and practicality.

This is why I create the things I create. 

Mandalas offer clarity and focus.

Illustrated letters bring joy.

Refined furniture offers new life.

On any given day, I could be working in one or all of these areas - now that I have created the freedom to do so. Yes, I highly recommend taking a bit of a sabbatical to ask yourself what is truly important in your world, and then do it.

May the desire to create and share your talents envelop you like a big hug!


NEW: My Etsy Shop is now open for business ... please drop by and say hello ... here.

Proud member of The Federation of Canadian Artists - Nanaimo and Arrowsmith Chapters. 

art events

Nanaimo Downtown Artwalk
November 29-30th 

Another fabulous year for the Artwalk. Wander around downtown and meet the artists, see great work and do all of your holiday shopping!


Custom Refining of Your Treasured Heirloom

mandala-table-tmbDo you have a family heirloom that you love, but simply doesn't fit your decor in its current state? I know, you can't let it go, but you really can't use it either.

Why not let me Refine it? I will take your piece and make it work with your existing decor, give it a new life with a lovely history. Click here to see an example.

Contact me for more information.



Refined Furniture


About Design

sarahatneckpoint2013I love the world of design – I really do!

Having been in the design world for such a long time is probably the reason I ask "WHY?" so many times a day. Sort of like a 5 year old I guess. 

Why is Design important?

Everything in this world is designed. Some of it very well, some badly and a great deal of it is mediocre.

Good design gets noticed and the response is positive. It is useful. It is practical. It is elegant, and often, it is simple. 

Bad design gets noticed and is dismissed – it does not serve the purpose for which it was "designed." It lacks elegance.

Mediocre design often makes no impression at all - so for the most part, I consider it quite useless. This would be something that works, but not well. Or it is so short-lived that it feels like a waste of human potential. 

Quite simply, design is important because it makes our lives more beautiful, simplier or easier. And sometimes it does all three!

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