A New Year … and a Whole New Feeling

Mandala 2

2017 has started off with a whole new energy for me. I have been graced with many unexpected gifts, surprises and opportunities. I have welcomed back my energy, which seemed to go missing there for a bit, and I feel it's time to refocus some of my work.

The first thing will be a whole new website!! This is daunting and exciting. I want to streamline everything to help me focus on the places where my energy, enthusiasm and skills shine!

This is going to be a year of great learning. I started off with a new computer and three new programs, and have taken on a project to assist another artist with her promotion, which means more learning!! So far I am having a blast. Taking each step slowing and carefully, so as not to freak myself out. My plan is working.

I will be adding some other new things this year, so keep watching to see how this mystery unfolds. I promise it will be fun.

Here's to the year being filled to the brim with promise!



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